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Electude North American Product Line-Up for 2020

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Automotive Essentials

Electude’s flagship product contains several thousand modular learning lessons and assessments aligned to meet ASE’s MLR, AST and MAST 2018 outcomes. Designed to be discovery-based, each screen combines text, graphics, animations, and formative assessment questions. Students interact with the module and answer questions correctly prior to progressing. Automotive Essentials also contains over 500 lab task activities built to fulfill specific ASE tasks. Every lesson module is accompanied by a quiz. To build diagnostic skills, Automotive Essentials includes Electude’s powerful Engine Management Simulator – a realistic diagnostic and repair tutorial. 

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Automotive Essentials, High School Edition

Electude’s High School Edition of Automotive Essentials provides an affordably priced learning solution designed to fulfill ASE’s current MLR requirements, using the same interactive and discovery-based lesson modules, quizzes and lab tasks as found in Automotive Essentials. The High School Edition does not include the Engine Management Simulator.

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Electric Drive

Electude’s Electric drive curriculum includes over 100 modules that teach learners the essentials of electric and hybrid vehicle technology. Using the same effective learning method as Electude’s Automotive Essentials, Electric Drive helps students recognize vehicle components and systems, simulates safe working practices, current battery technology and testing and diagnosing of components.

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Heavy Vehicle Systems

Electude’s Heavy Vehicle Systems includes in-depth coverage of non-powertrain systems including Electricity and Electronics, HVAC-R, Steering and Suspension and Brakes. Heavy Vehicle Systems uses the same discovery-based, highly interactive and assessment-driven format as in our popular Automotive Essentials curriculum.

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Partner Products

CCAR E-Safety

Electude has partnered with CCAR (the Coordinating Committee for Automotive Repair) to build CCAR E-Safety, a comprehensive automotive safety course and credential built right within Electude. CCAR is an OSHA Alliance Partner - the only one devoted exclusively to the automotive industry. Written by ASE-certified master technicians, CCAR E-Safety covers every topic students need to work safely in your shop and at work.

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Electude has partnered with ConsuLab to develop lesson modules inside Electude that teach students to use ConsuLab training aids and provide learning activities and assessments. ConsuLab is renowned for its focus on enhancing troubleshooting skills, learner confidence levels and increased speed of learning. Current ConsuLab devices supported by Electude modules includes training aids teaching speed and position sensors, coil-on-plug ignition systems, fuel evaporative (EVAP) systems and Ohm’s law and DC circuits.

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Electude and MotoLogic have partnered to deliver an effective and budget-friendly blend of e-learning and vehicle-specific automotive repair and diagnostic data. MotoLogic provides access to high-quality OEM content including a superior keyword search tool making finding needed content fast and easy. Unlike other providers, Electude and MotoLogic provide access from Electude to MotoLogic with a direct link, allowing your students to do homework activities and  perform shop tasks using any device, anywhere and anytime.

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Haynes AllAccess

Electude and Haynes have partnered to bring Haynes’ AllAccess online repair manuals into Electude  - and at an affordable price. Learners are able to access easy to use search tools, step-by-step illustrated repair procedures, a library of repair videos and service data from a library of hundreds of vehicles. Designed for beginners, Haynes focuses on explaining how to complete vehicle-specific repair procedures in a clear and easy to follow manner, making this a unique and effective teaching tool.



Electude has partnered with CareerTEAM, LLC, to deliver a series of modules and practical online tools designed to enhance confidence and improve employability of graduates. These modules can easily be incorporated into student success or integrated into the core automotive curriculum. CareerTEAM’s content is being built into Electude’s module format and will include workbook-style content, audio lessons, assignments, discussions, quizzes and video. In addition, Electude will link to CareerTEAM’s practical and engaging online toolkit that includes a resume builder, interview simulator, mock job application, thank you letter, cover letter, e-portfolio and goal tracker.  


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