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Training Aid Solutions

Electude Vernier Caliper Box

Our Vernier caliper online e-learning lessons and hands-on trainer offers an efficient and effective way to learn and practice practical measuring skills. Our training box includes a ruler, a Vernier caliper and three measuring objects. When used in combination with our online e-learning lessons, the learner may independently practice common measuring methods for reading and recording internal and external dimensions.

Electude Viscosity Box

Our Viscosity-Box trainer isan excellent way to help learners understand the principles of viscosity, through a blend of hands -on and e-learning, the key properties of different types of automotive oil. This trainer includes three cylinders containing different types of oil and a stop-watch Learners use this to measure the viscosity of oil at different temperatures and see how the viscosity index uctuates from one type of oil to the next.

Electude Micrometer Box

The Electude Micrometer Box is a practical set-up supported by hands-on assignments in the form of e-learning. With this setup, hands-on assignments teach you how to use and read a micrometer. After completing these lessons, the student is able to determine whether an object falls within the tolerances indicated on the drawing.

Electude T-Varia Connect

T-Varia Connect combines Thepra’s hands-on lighting system trainer with Electude’s state-of-the-art e-learning to create a complete learning environment. T-Varia Connect includes three panels with controls, front and rear lighting. Thepra also offers enhancement modules for basic circuits, relay circuits, wipers and trailer.

Electude T-Varia Engine Management

Thepra’s T-Varia Engine Management trainer includes components of  multi-port injection system (MPI), a turbo diesel injection system (TDI) and the direct petrol injection system (FSI). Learners use Electude lesson modules to learn the basics of each of these systems as well as activities that give them hands on experience with sensors and actuators found in each system. Learners master parts identification and system checks using included multimeters, oscilloscopes and diagnostic testers.

Electude Basic Electrical Trainer

Thepra’s Basic Electrical Trainer and Electude’s e-learning content together provide a dynamic way to review and learn basic electrical theory and diagnosis. The e-learning lessons provide an excellent review of electrical principles and types of circuits and how they interact in modern, networked systems. The practical assignments put the student to work using the trainer to, hands-on and step-by-step, build circuits and take measurements to solve real-world problems.

Electude Electric Motors Trainer

Learners novice to advanced will benefit from our integrated hands-on and online learning solution for electric motors. Presenting four types of electric motors, learners progress from learning component functions to assembly of the motors and ultimately application. Our self-paced online lessons combine photo-realistic visuals, text and questions to guide learners in identifying types of motors, their components and operation. Tracking every key stroke, the system measures mastery of the content real-time, providing constant feedback to the learner and instructor. The online lessons prepare the learner for success in use of our practical mechanical trainer. We’ve included all the motors and generators critical to today’s automotive industry, with an operating range of 0 to 24V.

Electude Lock-out Trainer

Electude’s integrated hands-on and online learning solution teaches critical skills for anyone working on modern vehicles with high-voltage systems. Learners progress from self-paced online lessons to use of a hands-on interlock circuit device. Our self-paced online lessons combine photo-realistic visuals, text and questions to guide learners in understanding the properties of high voltage, the use of HV components, the shut-down procedure on a vehicle, identi cation of damaged HV cables, and activation of airbags in a collision. Tracking every keystroke, the system measures mastery of the content real-time, providing constant feedback to the leaner and instructor. The online lessons prepare the learner for success in use of our table- top mechanical trainer. We provide a complete package for the leaner to then apply what they have learned, including rotary knobs that allow the learner to vary properties of the interlock trainer.

Electude MRE Trainer

This blended e-learning and mechanical trainer package introduces the learner to common speed sensor operation and diagnostics. The self-paced online lessons combine photo- realistic visuals, including a virtual oscilloscope, text, and questions to guide learners in identifying and understanding resistors, signals, modulation. Practical assignments are included for use of the MRE mechanical trainer. The MRE mechanical trainer consists of a magnetic ring and three MRE sensors, as found in typical motor vehicles today. Learners will take measurements

of generated signals and interpret deviations to practice making diagnosis of faults.

Electude Multimeter Trainer

Combining Electude’s e-learning modules with Thepra’s table top multimeter creates an effective blended hands-on environment for every level of learner. Electude’s self-paced online lessons combine photo-realistic visuals, text and questions to guide learners to an understanding of basic relays and circuits, common faults and diagnostics. Tracking every keystroke, the system measures mastery of the content real-time, providing constant feedback to the learner and instructor. Online lessons prepare the learner for success in use of our mechanical trainer and three circuits: basic, relay and electronic. Each circuit has multiple built in failures activated by the rotary knob; using the V-14 diagnostic method, learners are able to interpret measured voltages and identify the cause of the fault.

Electude Serial Communication Trainer

Thepra’s hands-on automotive Bus Systems Basic trainer and Electude’s state-of-the art e-learning combine to create a complete learning environment. Electude’s e-learning takes students from the basics to an advanced level understanding of networked systems in modern vehicles, parallel communications, CAN bus systems, serial communications, transmission lines, network con guration and testing and measuring using oscilloscopes. Electude’s e-learning combines photo-realistic 3-d graphics with brief overview text and assessment questions that engage the student in learning by doing and discovering.

Electude Actuators Trainer

Using Electude’s lesson modules, learners are taught the basics of how circuits and actuators function and what they do in a modern vehicle. Matching Electude activity modules about the Thepra actuator trainer guide them as they practice connecting components using the included wiring set. Learners become familiar with and build various circuits, and perform relevant measurement on actuators/semi-conductors step-by-step, helping them understand the operation of circuits and their components.  

Electude Sensors Trainer

Electude’s e-learning together with Thepra’s sensors training aid create a comprehensive blended learning experience. Electude’s lesson modules teach the basics of sensors as well as the use of the Thepra training aid and hands-on activities. Learners follow Electude lessons in order to build and perform measurements on a variety of circuits and sensors. Thepra provides all the needed components including a corresponding wiring set allowing components to be connected. 

Electude Proline CAN-BUS Lighting

Students learn the most important parts of automotive lighting systems with the combination of Electude’s e-learning and Thepra’s Proline CAN-BUS lighting training aid panel. Electude’s modules teach the basics of CAN-BUS and lighting. Thepra’s training aid uses bridge plugs with measuring tap to enable individual line sections to be checked – each switch, pin on the control unit (break out box), output component and bus section. 

Electude Toyota Prius 3

Electude’s integrated Toyota Prius 3 training program combines our state-of-the-art e-learning with a Prius 3 prepared with ten faults - ready for hands-on training. We provide everything a trainer and learner need to succeed in understanding how and why hybrid vehicles work, as well as completing diagnostic and repair procedures.

Our e-learning combines text, photo-realistic graphics and questions to guide the student from the basic components of the hybrid vehicle including drive types, the hybrid battery, ECVT drive train, and safety procedures. Using the provided break-out box for the power control module (PCM), the high- voltage battery and other measurement points, learners may complete diagnostic tasks independently and experience solving common problems.

Electude VW E-UP!

Using the Volkswagen e-up! during hands-on training sessions, will increase your time for supporting the student who need your additional attention. The included e-learning guides the student through the topics such as; Inverter, DC/DC converter, electrification of the HVAC system and many more topics related to electrical vehicles. Besides the system knowledge-based e-learning the training package also includes a well documented teachers guide for the thoughtfully prepared faults of the e-up! and modules with diagnostic tasks and guided diagnosis. The preparation of the high-voltage system and applied break-out boxes on the e-up! are carefully designed to protect the student at all times and to create a safe learning environment to maximize the learning experience.

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