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Teacher profiles

Teacher profiles offer a way to manage the settings of teachers centrally. Instead of changing these settings for every account, accounts can be linked to a profile. All linked accounts inherit the settings of the profile.

Creating a teacher profile

Click on the 'New teacher profile' icon  . A profile requires a unique name. In addition to the settings for the rights, you can also define a module filter. The teacher then only sees certain types of modules. By forcing the filter to be always active, you can further limit the access rights of teachers. For example, you can ensure certain teachers do not have access to tests or test results, while others only have access to grade practical assignments (tasks).


Editing a teacher profile

A teacher profile can be edited by navigating to the page of the teacher profile. To do so, click on the row of the profile in the table. Then click the icon   'Edit teacher profile' and edit the desired fields. Click 'ok' to confirm.

Deleting a teacher profile

A teacher profile can be deleted if it is not used in a teacher account. Click the icon   'Delete teacher profile' of the page of the profile and confirm.

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