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Student accounts

Normally student accounts are created by the teacher. The administrator can only do a batch import of students. If desired, the administration of the student accounts can be fully controlled by you. To do this, you need to limit the rights of the teachers so they cannot edit students and groups (see rights). A teacher account for the administrator (with all rights) might be useful to make small changes in the student accounts.

Deleting unassigned students

Student accounts that are deleted by teachers from groups appear in the list of unassigned students. These students can still log in and review modules that are listed in their history, but will be unable to open new modules. Therefore a student that is unassigned cannot use a product group associated with your license. For more information, see Licence. You can delete a student that is not assigned to a group by clicking the icon X in the row of that student. Teachers with the right to delete students can also delete individual students that are not assigned. As the administrator you can also delete all students that are not assigned. Click the icon X 'Delete unassigned students at the top of the page and confirm by clicking 'delete'.

Exporting student accounts

The complete list of student accounts can be exported. Click 'all students'  .

This will generate a CSV file with all students, in the same format as described in Importing student accounts. There are however some small differences:

  • The file contains an extra header line, containing the names of the fields.

  • Passwords will not be exported. This field is empty.

  • The field group is empty for students that are not member of any group.

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