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Settings for the content

Default additional text to content

Here you can enter a default text that students see when they look at their learning content. An alternative text can be set by the teacher for each group. For more information, see the teacher's manual.

Email for feedback

Here you can specify the email address that students can send comments to for questions in the lesson content. If an email address is filled in, a comments button appears below each question for students. If this field is left empty and no teacher who wishes to receive feedback exists, the button is not displayed.

Lesson score

By default, all answer attempts are used to calculate the score of students. You can change this so that only the first attempt is used. Please note: this does not work retroactively! For example, if previous results are calculated using all attempts and the setting is changed, new results will not be comparable to old ones.

Test mode

In tests students will not receive direct feedback as to whether an answer is correct or incorrect. This setting determines the way a test is taken:

  • 1 session, answers can be changed. With this setting, the student submits all answers when he/she has finished. During the session the student can browse through the test and change the answers he/she has previously submitted.

  • 1 session, answers cannot be changed. With this setting the student submits every answer separately. During the session the student can browse through the test but cannot change any answer.

  • Multiple sessions, answers cannot be changed. Same setting as above, except that this time multiple sessions are allowed.


Access to tests

This setting allows for restricted access to tests. Only when access to a test is granted by the teacher explicitly, the student is able to start the test.

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