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Setting up self-enrollment

Students that have an Electude account can now register themselves for specific groups. However, self-registration for a group must also be allowed by the administrator and approved by a teacher. Students can only enroll themselves to groups for which self-enrolment has been enabled. To allow self-enrolment for a group, navigate to the specific group. Click on the edit icon and enable to field ‘Allow self-enrolment’. Click ‘Ok’.

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Appprove enrollment requests

Login as teacher to approve enrolment requests. Navigate to the tab ‘Enrolment requests’, which you find the submenu of the ‘Students’ tab. In the list 'Enrolment requests' you can see the names and the groups for which students have requested access. You can accept the requests by clicking on the  ✓ icon or refuse them by clicking on the x icon. If a request is rejected, the student can no longer place a request for the same group for two weeks. Enrolment requests for a certain group are also shown on the page of this group, under the section 'Students'.

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