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SCORM settings

These settings are only visible when your licence measures your usage in SCORM sessions. These settings are intended to use the Electude modules in another, SCORM compliant LMS. When you use SCORM, the student administration and the assignment of content is done in the other LMS. Teachers can download SCORM packages of single modules (as a resource package with one SCO) or of courses (as a content aggregation package with multiple SCOs) and use them in the other LMS. As the administrator you should perform some actions first:

  • Select which SCORM version you want to use. The packages the teacher downloads, comply with this version.

  • Enter the domain name of the other LMS. This is the site students log on to start the modules. When the indicated domain name does not correspond with the site where the modules are played as a SCORM package, the modules will not work. Student will receive a 'Access denied' message instead. Only the usage from the domain name you entered is measured in your licence.

To use SCORM packages Internet access is required. When the other LMS is deployed on an intranet without Internet access, the SCORM package cannot be started. It uses components that are hosted on the Electude LMS website.

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