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Teacher rights

The rights of teachers are grouped as follows:

  • Editing students and groups:

    • Creating a group

    • Editing a group

    • Deleting a group

    • Moving a group

    • Creating a student account

    • Editing a student account

    • Deleting a student from a group

    • Adding a student to another group

  • Deleting students:

    • Deleting a student account permanently from the system

    • Deleting all data associated with a student account permanently

    • Restoring a student account within one week after deletion

  • Editing content:

    • Adding a module

    • Editing a module

    • Deleting a module

    • Creating a course

    • Editing a course

    • Assigning modules to a course

    • Deleting a course

    • Adding, editing or deleting a certificate template

    • Link performance indicators

  • Assigning content:

    • Assigning (or removing) modules to a group or a student

    • Assigning (or removing) courses to a group or a student

    • Limiting access of a group to a sub course

    • Grant a student or group access to tests

  • View modules:

    • Start and use a module

  • Grade results

    • Delete an individual result of a module

    • Edit the individual result of a module, as this is not automatically determined

    • Assign a grade to performance indicators for the individual results of a module

  • Grant certificates:

    • Grant a course certificate to a student

  • Delete certificates:

    • Delete a certificate that has been granted to a student.

  • Only access to results of group content

    • Access to student results of modules that are assigned to the group

    • Access to grades on performance indicators to the results

    • Access to certificates associated with courses assigned to the group

    • No access to the results of all modules the student has finished in the past

    • No access to content assigned to students individually

    • No access to other certificates of the student

    • No access to the student profile with global averages

  • Export student data

    • Export student results as CSV file

    • Export scores of performance indicators as CSV file

    • Export list of students as CSV file

You can also limit the access to the student administration for a teacher, by selecting a group in the teacher account. The teacher then only can see and administer the students in this group and its subgroups.

Enroll new Teachers/Trainers on the site and change, or add rights:

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