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Product Specifications

System requirements

To use Electude you need an Internet connection and a standards-compliant browser, e.g.:

Your own Electude site

Customers get their own site (subdomain) with the LMS software pre-installed and maintained. Three types of accounts are available on each site. New account details can be sent automatically to an email-address or distributed manually.


  • manage the teacher accounts

  • batch import and export student accounts

  • export all results

  • edit the global settings

  • change the graphic design of the site


  • manage the student accounts

  • browse content modules

  • add content modules (files)

  • arrange the modules in courses

  • assign content to (groups of) students

  • monitor student performance

  • comment on the content for support from the Electude team

  • export results of (groups of) students


  • start modules that are assigned to them

  • continue modules where they left off

  • browse through modules they have finished

  • comment on exercises (to the teacher)

File hosting

Teachers can upload their own files to their organization's Electude site. They can share this content with Electude users within their organization or with all Electude users globally - as they wish.

  • Upload any file type. (Additional software may be required to view files)

  • Maximum file size 5 MB

  • 100 MB limit per account

You can also add links to content hosted elsewhere on the Internet or on your own intranet.



  • All regular modules are SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 compliant. For more information see Using SCORM packages in the support section

  • Proprietary SSO (Single Sign-on) system automatically logs in students from remote sites and creates student accounts on the fly. For more information see Single Sign-on in the support section

  • Import of student accounts via CSV

  • Export of student accounts via CSV

  • Export of results via CSV

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