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Predefined qualifications and performance indicators

For predefined qualifications students usually have to meet certain formal requirements. These requirements are called performance indicators in Electude LMS. The performance indicators of a qualification can be linked to modules that are contained in the course, as soon as the certificate template is added. On the page of the certificate template an overview of all these links is shown. 

Performance indicators may be graded several times. In the reporting the last grade of a performance indicator is leading.

In the summary of scores you can see in the table how many performance indicators:

  • passed (graded as such by a teacher)

  • failed (graded as such by a teacher)

  • may be graded because the corresponding module was finished

  • cannot be graded yet because the corresponding module is not finished yet.

  • are inside the qualification in total

When performances can by evaluated with more than 2 grades, additionally you will see a table with the distribution of grades in histogram format. In the overview table 'All grades' you can see the structure of the qualification with all performance indicators. By clicking a row in this table it is expanded. The row is collapsed when the row is clicked once more. All rows can be expanded by clicking the icon of the arrow "Expand table". When a row is empty, it means no module(s) linked to the performance indicator has (have) been finished. When a row is expanded, the description of the performance indicator is visible. Any old grades will be visible as well (striked through). You can add grades by clicking the icon + 'New grade' after the name of the module. You then go to the page with the results of the module. When a certificate has been issued the icon to add new grades disappears from the table. Any grades on performance indicators that were added after the date of issue are not shown in the table.

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