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Electude Partner Product Solutions

CCAR E-Safety

CCAR (The Coordinating Committee For Automotive Repair) and Electude have partnered to deliver an online safety curriculum and credential designed for today’s generation of automotive learners. CCAR E-Safety engages and guides learners to an understanding of automotive safety best-practices. This prepares them to receive CCAR’s automotive student safety course completion certificate. Includes coverage of COVID-19 safety for automotive students and teachers. 


Electude and MotoLogic have partnered to deliver an effective and budget-friendly blend of e-learning and automotive repair and diagnostic data. MotoLogic provides access to high-quality OEM content including a superior keyword search tool making finding needed content fast and easy. Unlike other providers, Electude and Motologic provide access from Electude to MotoLogic with a direct link. Your students will be able to do homework activities or perform shop tasks using any device, anywhere and anytime. Now includes MotoVisuals, an excellent tool for presenting various systems and components of the modern vehicle. 

Haynes AllAccess

Electude and Haynes AllAccess online repair manuals bring e-learning and shop activities together!

Experience the convenience of single sign-on E-learning and linked automotive repair manuals. Give your students easy to use search tools, a vast library of repair videos and service data for hundreds of vehicles all at a great price.


Linking Haynes and Electude means students may perform shop tasks using any device, any time, anywhere. And it means you can go beyond the shop and use repair manuals as a part of classroom presentations and assignments.

Consulab Training Aids

Please see our Training Aids Solutions page for the complete overview of our Consulab Training Aids solutions with corresponding Electude e-learning. 

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Teachers and students in vocational-technical education strive to progress from an understanding of theory to applying that theory into practice. However, students and teachers often find that this step is "too big" and struggle to effectively transfer classroom knowledge to the shop. One main cause for this is presenting vehicle system theory individually, while in practice systems are combined or merged. This results in students becoming overwhelmed by the reality of how systems work, converge and are diagnosed in the real world versus how they were taught (and what they can remember) -- creating a significant gap between theory and application. 

Thepra has been designing and manufacturing high quality mechanical training tools since 1975. Electude has been creating e-learning for automotive students since 1990 with a focus on automotive.  Electude and Thepra have worked in partnership the last four years to connect their products directly together. How and why do they do this? 

Electude provides highly interactive theory modules that now combine with practical e-learning modules -  designed to teach students both how to use the trainer and providing hands-on learning activities - with a variety of Thepra trainers. Electude's LMS tracks student progress in order to put real-time feedback at the student and teacher's disposal. This combination of Electude e-learning and Thepra trainers changes the learning environment, allowing students to work much more independently, giving students and teachers useful performance feedback and helping to dramatically reduce the "theory versus application" gap. 



Electude has partnered with CareerEDGE to deliver a series of modules and practical online tools designed to enhance confidence and improve employability of graduates. These modules can easily be incorporated into student success or integrated into the core automotive curriculum. CareerEDGE’s content is being built into Electude’s module format and will include workbook-style content, audio lessons, assignments, discussions, quizzes and video. 


In addition, Electude will link to CareerEDGE’s practical and engaging online toolkit that includes a resume builder, interview simulator, mock job application, thank you letter, cover letter, e-portfolio and goal tracker.  

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HaynesPro workshop data provides users with a comprehensive database of vehicle-specific, professional-level service information. HaynesPro includes step-by-step procedures designed to assist technicians determine faults, especially valuable for diagnosing electrical and electronic problems. HaynesPro's unique VESA application (Vehicle Electronic Smart Assistant) uses fault codes drawn from scan tools to, starting with the most probable cause, demonstrate for the technician the diagnostic steps needed to solve the problem.

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