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This page shows the expiration date of your license and whether your license will be extended automatically each year. A month before expiration and on the expiration date itself you will receive an email to remind you of the status of your license. The license contains counters. These counters determine what functionality is available on the website, and how many students can use this. 

Counters and usage

A counter comprises a group of products. These determine which modules you can access. Depending on your license, the usage is measured using one of these methods:

  • modules: The total value of all counters will be incremented every time a student opens a new module. Repeated usage is not counted. The counter will only be incremented when a student opens a module for the first time. All successive sessions will not be counted.

  • students: A counter that measures students grants students access to all products in the product group for the duration of the license. Students that only open modules from their personal history will not be counted. When a student finishes a module, this module is added to the history (unless stated otherwise for the product groups listed below).

  • SCORM sessions: The total value of all counters will be incremented every time a student opens a module in SCORM compliant LMS. All (repeated) usage is measured.

A student that is not assigned to a group, is only able to open modules from his personal history, and therefore will not be counted by any counter. When you have counters for which students have to pay, you can click on such a counter in the overview table. This shows which students are active and what the expiry date for each student is. Below the overview table you can also download these data for all counters.

Product groups

The modules that are available in the Electude LMS belong to a particular counter of the license. This is defined by the product group containing the module.

Your license may not comprise all product groups. If a product group is missing, the functionality that belongs to it will not be available for teachers and students of the LMS.

This is a list of all product groups:

  • lesson: Lessons are specially developed modules you can 'play' in your browser. They contain images, animations, simulations, texts and questions on a series of learning objectives. A student can review lessons he has finished through his personal history for 5 years.

  • practical work: This has the same format as lessons; practical work usually requires special hardware.

  • tailor-made lesson: This kind of lesson is custom developed for you in assignment.

  • simulation: Teachers can add these modules. Every module uses the Electude Simulator to replicate a specific failure. Students are tasked with solving a real world problem in the browser. The teacher can set the parameters of the simulation.

  • WorkshopData: This module provides access to an online database with car maintenance and repair information. Direct access to the WorkshopData is not available through the student history.

  • TruckData: This module provides access to an online database with truck maintenance and repair information. Direct access to the TruckData is not available through the student history.

  • links: Teachers can add links to other web pages themselves.

  • files: Teachers can add files (e.g. images or PDF documents).

  • DIY lesson: DIY lessons can be 'played' in your browser in the same way as normal lessons, but you can change and add the content yourself.

  • DIY test: A DIY test is similar to a DIY lesson. When the student answers a question however, no direct feedback will be given and the evaluation of the results can be done automatically.

  • DIY task: Unlike lessons and tests, Tasks are not evaluated automatically. Task results need to be recorded by the teacher manually, by reviewing student answers.

Your files

If your license contains a counter for 'files', this page shows how much disk space these files use, and what the maximum allowed storage is.

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