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Individual results

The page for each student displays the results of all individual content, in the same way as the results of the group content is displayed. If you have assigned individual content to the student, you can use the table of results to click to the Individual results of a course or Individual results of a module. If the administrator has restricted access to test, the table shows for every test whether it is  unlocked or   locked. The access can be changed for every test by clicking these status icons.

Below the heading 'All results', all modules the student has opened in the past are listed. From this list you can click to access the Individual results of a module.

Individual results of a course

On this page the results of one student on each module in the course are shown. You can click to the detailed Individual results of a module, when the student has started the module.

If the administrator has restricted access to test, the table shows for every test whether it is  unlocked or   locked. The access can be changed for every test by clicking these status icons.

Individual results of a module

On this page you can see all detailed results of one student on one module. For all kinds of modules, the status of the selected student, the number of sessions the student has had, and the first and last times the module was accessed are shown. For most modules, the progress and the time spent on the module are also shown. You can delete the individual results by clicking and confirming on the X 'Delete results'. When the results of a lesson are deleted, the student has to start again from the beginning. You can specify a percentage manually for modules that cannot be evaluated automatically, like tasks, files or links. Click the pencil icon 'Edit result' and select a score.

Lesson, practical work or test results

For these kinds of modules, a progress bar for each objective is shown below the general statistics. The answers the student has given to the questions are listed. Only the first answer to every question is shown. All attempts are displayed as a green or red square next to the question. If a student has answered the question incorrectly twice and correctly once, one green square and two red squares are displayed. Answers will be stored for twelve months only before disappearing.

For practical work additional results can appear between the objectives and the answers. These results can be tables, graphs or diagrams created by the student. It may not be possible to evaluate these results automatically, for example because they depend on the condition of the hardware. You can evaluate these tables, graphs and diagrams for yourself. A grey area that represents these results may appear in the progress bar of the module. For tests you can change the evaluation (passed or failed) and the score. You can also add a remark. Click the pencil icon 'Edit result', select 'passed' or 'failed' and confirm by clicking 'OK'. The name of the teacher that made the last change is visible in the statistics below the form.

Task results

Tasks are not evaluated automatically. When the student has finished a task, it's status becomes 'completed'. Using the button 'review module' you can see the answers, tables and drawings the student created. Then you can use the pencil icon 'Edit result' to specify a percentage score manually.

Simulation results

Simulations are only evaluated automatically when this is has been specified in the module. The score will then be determined by three factors:

  • Efficiency (50%): Unnecessary actions, like replacing a part that was not faulty, will result in a lower percentage.

  • Tidy work (50%): When things are not returned in a correct state, the percentage is will be lower.

  • The number of attempts before the failure is solved: For every failed attempt, the score is halved.

How the score is calculated exactly is described in the manual of the Electude Simulator. You can always adjust the score manually. Click the pencil icon 'Edit result', select the desired score and confirm by clicking 'ok'. The final inspection that is generated by the simulator is included in the results. When a work order is specified in the simulation, the results will also contain the diagnosis the student has filled in. When an invoice is included in the simulation, it is displayed here as well. It shows a summary of the actions the student has performed. All performed actions are shown chronologically in the log file. Any additional data like oscilloscope images are shown at the bottom of the page.

Delete/Reset a Student's Module, Quiz or Test Scores:

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