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Import teacher accounts

Accounts can be imported in batch by uploading a spreadsheet file. Such a file can easily be composed in Excel or OpenOffice. Every line or row in the file represents one account. The following file formats are supported:

  • XLSX: Spreadsheet document from Microsoft Excel, version 2007 and higher

  • ODS: OpenDocument Spreadsheet, for example and LibreOffice Calc

  • CSV: comma separated values

On the overview page the files you wish to import or have imported are listed. Files older than two weeks are automatically deleted.

To add a file, click the icon   'New file', select the file from your computer and confirm by clicking 'add'. On the page of the file, you then can see the default settings and a table with the file contents, as configured in the Import and export settings. You can adjust the settings and change the meaning of the columns in the table. Errors are listed before the table and shown in the table. If there are no errors, the file can be imported. Click on the button 'Import' below the table. When in the general settings 'temporary generated password via email' is selected, for every new account a welcome message is sent out immediately.

Follow these rules when assembling a file:

  • The fields 'Username', 'First name', 'Last name' and 'Email address' may not be left empty.

  • When you have chosen to have a short form for new accounts with only email addresses in General settings, the 'Username', 'First name', 'Last name' are optional. When the 'Username' is missing in the file, the email address is used as the username. When the first name and last name are missing, the user will have to fill this in after the first login.

  • The 'Username' field should be unique within the complete student administration of the site .

  • When a teacher with the same 'Username' exists and this teacher has the same 'First name' and 'Last name', no new account will be created. The settings of the existing teacher account are not changed and no error message is generated.

  • When a user with the same 'Username' exists and this user has a different 'First name' or 'Last name', an error message is generated.

  • The field 'Password' will be ignored if the account details are sent automatically by e-mail. 

  • The field 'Password' may not be empty if initial passwords are settable by the administrator or teacher in the General settings.

  • The field 'Country' contains the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code and the field 'Region' the last part of the ISO 3166-2 code. Regions are only supported for a limited number of countries.

  • The name of group can refer to an existing group. If the name does not exist yet, the group is created during import. The new teacher can only access this group.

  • When a 'Parent group' has been specified, the new 'Group' will be created as a child. Otherwise the new group is added as a 'main' group that is not nested.

  • If the 'Group' is empty, the teacher can access all groups.

  • If a 'Profile' is specified, it should refer to an existing teacher profile, otherwise an error will be generated.

  • If the 'Profile' is empty, the new teacher has the default (permissive) rights.

  • You can use a header line (e.g. "Username, First name, Surname..." etc). You can specify this in the Import and export settings. The first line or row of a file with a header line will be ignored.

If you want to delete the file, because for example it was successfully imported or because it contains incorrect values, you can delete it manually. Click the icon X 'Delete file' and confirm.

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