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Import external SCORM package

Conversely you can import SCORM content aggregation packages with external content for use in the LMS, when your license allows it. The SCORM package then is converted into a new course, while SCOs and assets are converted into modules. Click the icon + 'New course', select 'Import SCORM package as new course' and upload the SCORM package. This a file in PIF format (Package Interchange File), which is a zip file with a special structure. After import the converted modules can also be used in other courses. Note: SCORM 1.2 packages are fully supported, but for SCORM 2004 packages there is no support for Sequencing and Navigation. All imsss:sequencing tags in the SCORM manifest are ignored. When a SCO uses these date from the manifest, it may be that the SCO does not work in the Electude LMS. Note: for a correct display of the student results in the progress bar of the Electude LMS it is necessary that a SCO reports both the score and the progress of a student. Because there is no possibility to report progress numerically in SCORM 1.2, the progress bar of such module can only show relevant information when the student has completed the module.

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