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The World's Leading Automotive

E-Learning Solution

Customers in over 55 countries

Over 300,000 users

Over 30,000 instructors & teachers

Over 3,000 customers

Over 1,000 lessons and quizzes

Includes an engine management simulator

Optional Electric Drive curriculum

99.9% uptime

Available in over 35 languages

Automotive Essentials

A complete curriculum that can replace or supplement traditional automotive technology textbooks

  • Over 1000 lessons & quizzes

  • Covers the fundamentals of automotive technology

  • Includes LMS & Simulator

  • Updated weekly

  • Compliant with ASE, IMI & others

  • Text-to-speech

Engine Management Simulator

Master diagnostic skills in a virtual environment. Designed for individual, team or classroom exercises.

  • Thousands of possible exercises

  • Includes LMS

  • Mobile device access

  • 99.9% uptime

  • Over 35 languages included

  • Instructors can create countless faults

  • Offered as part of Automotive Essentials

Electric Drive

Complete curriculum designed for learning the components and systems of hybrid and electric vehicles.

  • Over 100 lessons and quizzes

  • Covers hybrid and electric-only technology

  • Includes LMS

  • Updated weekly

  • SCORM-compliant

  • Text-to-speech

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Best in Class Graphics

Electric Drive

Electude E-Learning

  • Designed for visual and kinesthetic learners

  • Learn by doing instead of memorizing

  • Uses serious gaming principles

  • Full of interactive animations & simulations

  • Photorealistic graphics

  • Discovery-based learning

  • Focuses on doing, not reading

  • Hones problem solving skills

  • Develops critical thinking

Electude will change the way your students learn

What is Electude

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Click play to see video

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