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Group results

The page of a group shows the results for all group content (the courses and modules that are assigned to the group). In the table of students the last two columns show how long each student has spent on the group content and what their progress is. By moving the cursor over the progress graph, a detailed list with the results of every assigned course or module is shown. This list can easily be compared to the group average. The average result of all students in the group can be seen below the table of students. By clicking a row in this table, you can zoom in on the group results of a course or the group results of a module.

Group results of a course

The first table on this page shows the average results of all students in the group for each module the course contains. When you click on a row in this table, you zoom in on the Group results of a module. The second table on this page shows the results of every student, over all the modules in the course. When you click on a row in this table, you zoom in on the Individual results of a course.


Limiting access of a group to a sub course

When the page is about a sub course of a course that is assigned to a group, access can be limited. Click the icon with the open lock 'Edit access for all students'. Access to a sub course can be locked completely or unlocked for a certain period. The icon shows the current status. When the course is locked at this moment a closed lock is shown. In tables locked courses are colored grey and possibly the period when it is unlocked is displayed. When a course is locked students in the group cannot access the modules inside the course. This also applies to all modules in sub courses of the locked course. The structure of the locked course still is visible. When the same module is assigned to the student in a different way, for example as part of another unlocked course, the student still has access to the module.

'To be graded' modules

At the bottom of this page there may also be a table with modules that need 'to be graded'. It appears when the course is associated with a qualification and there are students that have finished modules with performance indicators that have not yet been graded. Through this table you can add grades. This 'to be graded' table can show (+) or hide )-) unfinished modules that have been started today, by toggling the setting above the table.

Group results of a module

If the module contains objectives, this page shows the average results for each objective in the first table. The width of every progress bar is determined by the weight of the objective. In the table with students, the result for each student is shown. If a student has started the module, you can click on the row to zoom in on the Individual results of a module. If the module is a test, it may be the administrator has restricted access to the module. In this case access has to be granted explicitly. You can do this for all students in a group by clicking the icon of the closed lock above the table 'Edit access for all students'. The table shows for every student whether the test is unlocked (with the icon of an open lock) or locked (with the icon of a closed lock). The access can also be changed for every student by clicking these icons. If the results concern a test, you can change the evaluation of the test for this group by clicking the icon of a pencil 'Edit evaluation'. You can then change the passing score. For each passing score the number of students that will pass and the number of students that will fail the test is shown. Select a percentage and confirm. The evaluation of all students is changed accordingly.


Linking the results of two students

To enable 'teamwork' the results of two students on one module can be linked. This way students can work together on a module while the results appear on both student accounts. Students can only be linked before they start the module. Click in the overview with group results of a module on a student that has not started the module yet. Then select in the form to link results the other student from the same group. Only students that are not linked yet and have not started the module yet, may be selected. You can undo a link by selecting 'Not linked' from the list. In the overview with group results of a module the   icon after the name of the student indicates his results are linked with another student. When one of the two students starts the module, all results will be saved automatically for both student accounts. Once the students have started the module, they can only be unlinked when the results are removed. When results are deleted, this happens for both accounts. For tasks both students can be evaluated individually with separate scores. The results of tests cannot be linked.

Using the "Electude Teamwork" feature

Create a response analysis

You can also view the group's results for each question, by creating a response analysis. This gathers statistics about the answers that students from this group have given in the past year.

Sorting group results and generating a report:

Rearrange Student Restults:

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