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Grading a performance indicator

To grade a performance indicators, you first have to navigate to the results of the linked module, starting from the overview table of the qualification or the page with Individual course results. Then click on the icon + 'New grade'. Choose the desired grade. Optionally you can specify a different score for each performance indicator. Also you can add remarks. Click 'add' to confirm.

You can also quickly grade performance indicators by navigating though the 'to be graded' table at the bottom of the page with group results. This table contains all finished modules in the course with linked performance indicators that have not yet been graded. By clicking a line, you go directly to the results, where you can add a grade. Grades can also be added directly in the 'to be graded' table. By selecting a grade in the last column, all performance indicators linked to a module will be graded accordingly. This happens directly after selection, the choice does not need to be confirmed. Also the progress bar will be updated if this has not been set earlier. Note: a grade cannot be deleted. Since the last grade is always leading in the reporting, you can however to 'overwrite' a grade by adding a new one.

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