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General settings

Login menu and welcome text on site

These settings define what the home page of the website looks like. If you enable the login menu, login options for student, teacher and administrator are displayed. If this option is disabled, only a link to the login page for students is shown. The URL of the login for teachers always ends with 'tlogin' (teacher login), the URL for the administrator ends with 'alogin' (administrator login). The text above the login menu or the link to the login page for students can be set in the field 'Welcome text on site'.

Content mapping

This setting determines how all modules are mapped for the teacher. All modules are arranged in folders, to provide a better overview and to improve searching. The structure of these folders can be selected with this setting. By default all modules are arranged by topic, but alternative mappings (e.g. by level) are possible as well. Select the mapping that suits your school or company best.

Force new passwords

You can choose to make all students and teachers set a new password. By clicking on the button   "Force new passwords", the form is shown which allows you to select which users (student, teachers or both) need to change their password. The period specifies the number of days within which the password must be changed. The password has to be changed immediately after the next login. The user cannot continue until the new password has been set. If the password has not been changed within the specified period, the account will be suspended, the user can no longer log in with the current password.

Change general details in general file folder:

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