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Electude Skills Training

Electude provides extensive training to its customers. Customers can become Electude Certified Instructors once they have mastered the Electude Skills Matrix.

Training Mission: 
To make automotive education accessible and affordable for all. To provide best-in-class training to all of our customers with the objective of equipping them with the techniques, tools and skills to give their students the best educational experience possible by using Electude in an active and effective manner.

Electude Skills Training Process: 

Case training process.png

Course Goal: 

The objective of the training is to achieve mastery of all of the features as defined by the Electude Skills Matrix.

The training session has been designed to achieve the following 4 Learning Objectives:

  1. Demonstrate the conceptual understanding of the LMS & lesson modules

  2. Demonstrate the ability to create courses

  3. Demonstrate the ability to create classes & use the LMS function

  4. Demonstrate the mastery of the customizable options.

Send an email to to sign up for your Electude Skills Training. 

Or use the sign-up form below:

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