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Editing a course

A course can be edited by navigating to the page of the course. Click the icon of the pencil 'Edit course', to change the title, description or level of the course. You can convert the sub course to a separate single course. For 'Part of' select the first option of the list. The course disappears as a sub course. You can mark a main course as obsolete. Obsolete course are by default not listed. To see these courses, you can click 'show obsolete content' at the top of the page. In assigned content obsolete courses are visible in tables and colored grey. If you have the possibility to publish content to third parties, you can also select the product group the course should be in. The site administrator also administrates the product groups. When a course is placed in a product group, other Electude LMS users that have a license for that product group can access the course. You cannot change the product group of a sub course, it is always the same as the product group of the parent course. When you change the product group of a course and you select the option 'Change the product group of linked modules too', all modules you created yourself that are linked to the course and its sub courses will be put in the same product group. Note:

  • If you add modules to the course at a later point in time, these module will not automatically be put in the same product group as the parent course. The option applies only to modules that are currently linked.

  • If a linked module already is in another product group, the product group of the module is not changed. A module can only be in one product group.

Copy, Retitle, and Arrange and existing Predefined Course

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