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Creating a teacher account

Click on the 'New teacher' icon. In addition to the teacher's first name and last name, you need to enter a username and a valid email address. The username is case sensitive and has to be unique: no two teachers with the same username can exist. You can indicate if the teacher can receive feedback from students. The teacher can edit this setting later by himself. When a teacher is able to receive feedback or when a general feedback email address is specified, a comments button appears below each question for student in the modules. The student can select to which teacher the feedback is sent. You can specify the rights of every teacher. A teacher with limited rights will not be able to use all functionality of the LMS. You can also manager the rights and setting for feedback through a teacher profile. When you select a profile, you cannot change these settings for a single account. If you have configured that account details are sent via email, you will see a notice. In this case the LMS will generate a password and the teacher will receive the details immediately via email. Moreover, when you have set that only email addresses need to be specified, you can create multiple accounts at once. The teacher must enter a name after login.

If you have configured the website not to send the account details by email, you will have to choose a password for the teacher. This password needs to be entered twice. You have to provide the teacher with the account details yourself; the LMS does not do this. The teacher always has to set a new password after login.

Enroll new Teachers/Trainers on the site and change or add rights:

Setting up your Administrator & Teacher Accounds in Electude:

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