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Creating a student account

First navigate to the group in which you want the student account to be placed. Click the icon + 'New student'. In addition to the first name and last name of the student, you need to enter a username and a valid email address. The username is case sensitive and has to be unique: no two students with the same username can exist. 


If the administrator has configured the website to send the account details by email, a message will appear. In this case, the LMS generates a password and the student will receive his account details instantaneously by email. If the administrator also has configured that only email addresses have to be entered in a short form, you can create multiple accounts at once. The student has to fill in the name after login. If the administrator has configured the website not to send the account details by email, you will have to choose a password for the student. This password needs to be entered twice. You have to provide the student with the account details yourself; the LMS does not do this. The student always has to choose a new password.

Administrators are able to enroll multiple students at once by uploading an Excel file.

Add and remove students:

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