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Calculating the test and quiz score

In a test or quiz always one answer attempt is used to calculate the score. Unlike with lessons, the answer can be calculated to be partially correct. This may happen with multiple response questions and questions where a text has to be dragged to a correct location. Let's suppose that the weight of the first question in a test makes up 10% of the total weight of the test and it has 4 responses. If you have correctly assessed 2 of the 4 statements then the question is calculated as 50% correct. The diagram will look like this:

For tests your educational institution decides how these are taken and if multiple attempts are possible:

  • 1 session, answers can be changed: With this setting, you submit all answers when you have finished. During the session you can browse through the test and change the answer you have previously submitted.

  • 1 session, answers cannot be change: With this setting you submit every answer separately. During the session you can browse through the test but cannot change any answer.

  • Multiple sessions, answers cannot be changed: Same setting as above, except that this time multiple sessions are allowed.

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