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Assigning courses to a group or student

You can assign a course in three ways:

  • Navigate to the course via the tab 'courses'. In the tab the title of the course appears. Then navigate to the desired group or student. Click the icon+ 'Add course'. The top item of the list that appears is the desired course. Click 'add' to add the course to the table.

  • If you want to reuse the course more often, you can add it to your personal favorites. When you click the icon + 'Add course' on the page of a group or student, the list of your favorite courses appears, sorted alphabetically. Select the desired course and click 'add'.

  • If you want to add many different courses quickly, you can navigate to the group or student first. The name of the group or student will appear in the tab. Then navigate to the tab 'courses' and drag the desired courses from the list to the tab of the group or student.


The order of the courses in the list assigned to a group or student can be altered, by dragging a course upward or downward. Press the left mouse button, drag the course and release the mouse button above the new position. To delete a course from the list, first click on the course, then click on the icon X 'Delete course'.

Use favorites to add a module or course to a student (group):

Assing Courses and Modules to a student group:

Assign Courses and Modules to an individual student:

Assing Learning Content:

Remove content from an individual student or group:

Setting up pre-built content in Electude:

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