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Adding, editing or deleting a certificate template

You can add a certificate template to a course. This allows you to grant certificates to students that have successfully completed the course. Teachers and students can open certificates as a PDF file. Below the title of a new main course is a link 'No certificate template'. By clicking this link you go to the page where you can add a certificate template. Click the icon + 'New certificate template'. When a certificate template already exists, it can be changed by clicking the icon of the pencil 'Edit certificate template' or deleted by clicking the icon + 'Delete certificate template'. When a template is deleted, all granted certificates still remain. The possibility to grant new certificates however, is removed. A certificate is associated with a qualification. You can choose between a predefined qualification or a custom qualification of which you can enter the title yourself. After the template has been created, you cannot change the qualification. You cannot add a certificate template to a predefined course. If such a course already has a certificate template you can however change the design.

Predefined qualifications

For predefined qualifications students usually have to meet certain formal requirements. These requirements are called performance indicators in Electude LMS. The performance indicators of a qualification can be linked to modules that are contained in the course, as soon as the certificate template is added. On the page of the certificate template an overview of all these links is shown. 

After the course has been assigned, teachers can grade the performance of students by performance indicator. This way a detailed overview of a qualification arises for every student. By means of this overview the teacher can see if the student is eligible for a certificate. 

Default certificate design

In the default design you can set the page size, page orientation, font family and font variant. You can also decide to have all text centred and to include the URL of the certificate in the document. The URL is a unique identifier and therefore suitable to check the validity of a certificate.

Some fonts are not available certain languages (such as Chinese, Thai, Arabic and Hebrew), because the language contains characters that are not supported by the font. In that case automatically another, similar font is used. In the default design you can have an automatic page size, which means that the page size depends on the language setting of the user: 'Letter' is used for US English and Canadian French, 'A4' for all other languages. After creation of the template you can open a sample PDF file by clicking the 'Preview certificate template' button. All dynamic text fields that are filled in after the certificate is issued, are shown in the sample inside a box.

Custom certificate design

When you choose to have a custom design, you can upload a PDF file with your own design that is used as a background for the certificate. You can set the font size, vertical position and horizontal margins of the dynamic text fields that are set over the background. Static text fields that are included in the default design, are not included in the custom design. This way you can use any position and style in the PDF file, for texts such as the name of the organization. When a dynamic text field is not desired in the design, it can be removed by leaving the vertical distance of the field empty.

Link performance indicators

After a certificate template with a predefined qualification is added to a course, modules inside that course can be linked to performance indicators of the qualification. First click the module inside the course. On the page an overview of performance indicators that are already linked are shown. Here you click on the icon + 'Add performance indicator'. Select the desired performance indicator and click 'add'. To remove a linked performance indicator, you click on the icon X in the table.

Switch on partial certificates

When a main course has a certificate template, a partial certificate can granted for sub courses. To enable this the partial certificate setting should be switched on when the sub course is created or edited. The name of the partial certificate is the same as the name of the sub course.

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