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Account settings

In account settings you can edit your email address and select a different language. You can also change your password. You need to enter a new password twice. Note: you cannot edit your username. Your username and your password are both case sensitive.

As an extra security measure two factor authentication can be set up. If this function is active you have to enter a verification code in addition to your password. This 6 digit verification code is generated by an authenticator app on a mobile phone, based on a secret key. The correct verification code continuously varies in time. The key can be saved in the app by scanning a QR code or by entering or copying it manually. Without the secret key, you cannot log in, so carefully store the key in the authenticator app. Any app that support the TOTP protocol (Time-based One-Time Password) should work. When the verification code is entered you can indicate to trust the device you are using to log in for 1 week. During this week no verification code needs to be entered to log in. The password in combination with the username is always required to log in. If you switched on two factor authentication, this page shows all trusted devices. Click on the icon X in the row of a trusted device to delete it.

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